About Us

Vision Statement

“A transformed economy and a prosperous society that is living in harmony with its natural resources.”

Mission Statement

“To be a leading and developmental institution, that drives economic transformation, environmental sustainability, system change and adaptation to the ever-changing dynamics for the benefit of the Free State.”

 The Core Values

  •  Team Work
  •  Integrity
  •  Accountability
  •  Passion

The Department adopted the following broad Mandate:

“To create and enabling environment for sustainable growth through economic development and environmental oversight.”


Environmental Affairs

  • Ensure that development in the Free State complies with the best sustainable practises.
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems for decision making and planning.
  • To ensure that learners and communities in the Free State understand Environmental Conservation.
  • To ensure compliance with environmental legislation.
  • To improve the effectiveness of waste management activities in the Province.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the Management of Air Quality in the Province.
  • To mitigate and develop adaptation strategies related to Climate Change challenges.
  • To ensure Biodiversity Conservation in private and state-owned land throughout the Province

Economic Development

  • To promote and support economic development through shared partnerships.
  • To capacitate and support SMME’s and targeted groups through:
  • The identification of empowerment opportunities.
  • Other interventions.
  • To promote economic growth and development of regional and local economies in partnership with key stakeholders by aligning LED initiatives with Government priorities.
  • To facilitate trade, export promotion, attract investment and implement strategies for the positioning of the industrial sector as a key contributor to economic growth and development.
  • To facilitate the implementation of strategic economic initiatives that will stimulate the competitiveness of priority sectors.
  • To develop, implement and promote measures that ensure the rights and interests of all consumers.
  • To monitor performance of departmental public entities in relation to their mandate and set targets.
  • Develop, monitor and evaluate implementation of policies and strategies for management of the tourism sector.
  • To facilitate Tourism Enterprise and Skills Development programmes for tourism product owners.
  • To facilitate participation by tourism product owners in tourism network structures.


Free State Development Corporation

The Free State Development Corporation is a specialist economic development agency formed to offer the Free State people and potential investors a wide selection of services. These services include:

  • SMME support – both financial (through loans) and non-financial support
  • Property development and management
  • Providing investors with a comprehensive service in setting up a business
  • Providing export ready Free State companies with assistance in identifying new markets and export opportunities for their products.

Free State Gambling & Liquor Authority

The Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority (FSGLA) which is now in operation for just over a year was established through the merger of the former Free State Gambling and Racing Board and the Free State Liquor Authority.  The main aims of the FSGLA is to regulate the gambling and racing activities in the Province on behalf of the Provincial Department and to reduce socio-economic and other costs of alcohol abuse. Regulate the micro-manufacturing and retail sale of liquor or methylated spirits.

Free State Tourism Authority

The Free State Tourism Authority (FSTA) continued its transformation into a vibrant and dynamic provincial public entity with the incorporation of the Phakisa Major Sport Event and Development Corporation into the Authority during 2011. The main aims of the FSTA include;

  1. Marketing of tourism,
  2. Promotion of tourism; and
  3. Development of sustainable tourism within the province
  4. Promotion of major sports events to promote tourism.