Willem Pretorius Nature Reserve

What climatic conditions can be expected?

The rainfall is mainly restricted to the hot summer months. The nights are cold during the winter, but the days are usually sunny and pleasant.

The landscape, plants and animals

The Willem Pretorius Game Reserve is the oldest Nature Reserve in the Free State. The reserve covers an area of approximately 12 000ha.

Like most of the Free State Provincial Reserves, Willem Pretorius Game Reserve is proclaimed around a dam (Allemanskraal Dam). The Allemanskraal dam is fed by the Sand River, separating the Reserve into a northern and southern section, providing contrasting habitats and game viewing.

The northern side is more diverse, consisting of hills covered by wild olive and karee (rhus) trees and densely vegetated kloofs. These alternate with open grassveld and patches of sweet thorn trees. Having a greater diversity of habitats available, more different animal’s species are likely to be encountered.

In contrast, the southern side comprises of an undulating landscapes which support large herds of plains game like springbok, blesbok and black wildebeest.

Fish species include carp, barbel, yellow fish and mudfish.

This resort hosts the annual Departmental Game Auction during early April.

What facilities are available?

  • The Resort has modern conference facilities and a large lecture hall.
  • Ten fully equipped holiday homes situated on the water front are available to the public.
  • Group accommodation is also available, in two complexes.
  • No shops are available and visitors must bring their own provisions.
  • The resort has 10 fully furnished chalets, group quarters and single quarters
  •  5 x 6 sleeper per chalet @ R900.00
  • 5 X 5 Sleeper per chalet @ R800.00

Recreational activities

  • Nature Conservation Officers at the Resort present lectures on request. Environmental education courses lasting from three to five days are offered to all groups, whether children or adults. Special tariffs are available for course attendants.
  • Game & bird viewing.
  • All types of aquatic sport can be enjoyed.
  • The dam offers the serious angler a big challenge and hours of relaxation to the rest of the family.

Who do I contact?

Ms Maureen Matshikiri: Acting Reserve Manager                                                                    Mr Nico Krause: Resort Manager

Willem Pretorius Nature Reserve                                                                                                  Willem Pretorius Resort

P.O. Box 214                                                                                                                                       P.O. Box 214

Ventersburg                                                                                                                             Ventersburg

9450                                                                                                                                                     9450

Tel:                  057 – 651 4003/4/4168                                                                                          Tel: 057 – 651 4003/4

Fax:                 057 – 651 4005                                                                                                          Fax: 057 – 651 4005

Cell:                 082 395 9436                                                                                                            Cell: 082 772 7010

E-mail:            matshikirim@detea.fs.gov.za                                                                                Email: krausen@detea.fs.gov.za

What, where, when?

Hours – Gate: 07H00 – 18H30

Office:               07h30 – 16h00

The game reserve is situated approximately 30 km from Ventersburg and 160 km from Bloemfontein. The turn-off to the nature reserve is clearly indicated on the N1 between Winburg and Ventersburg.