Koppies Dam Nature Reserve

What climatic conditions can be expected?

The summers are hot and there is always the possibility of thunderstorms. Although the winters are cold, the days are usually sunny and warm

The landscape, plants and animals

Koppies Dam Nature Reserve, which lies on the Highveld of the Northern Free State and extends over an area of 4 300 ha, provides a heaven for anglers.

The vegetation consists predominantly of mixed grass veldt and dense thickets of sweet thorn trees with willow trees along the Renoster River.

White rhino together with other species of wildlife are often encountered and fortunate visitors may spot the large herd of buffalo.

Many bird species, including several waterfowl varieties, inhabit this nature reserve.

Fish species include carp, barbel, yellow fish and mudfish.

What facilities are available?

The caravan park is equipped with twelve power points. Along the six kilometer shoreline there are more caravan sites (without power) and six ablution facilities. Barbeque sites are provided.

Overnight facilities are available in the form of a tent camp with five tents and can sleep twelve people. These tents are equipped with beds and equipment.

  • 10 chalets x 4 fully furnished sleeper chalets with DSTV – 1 double bed and two single beds per chalet @ R700.00
  • A slipway and shelters with barbeque facilities are available at the boating area.
  • No shops are available and visitors must bring their own provisions.

Recreational activities

  • All types of aquatic sport can be enjoyed.
  • The dam offers the serious angler a big challenge and hours of relaxation to the rest of the family.
  • Visitors are welcome to drive through the reserve and enjoy the nature.
  • Nineteen kilometers of tourist roads allow visitors ample opportunity for game viewing.

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Who do I contact?

Mr Robert Lotze: Reserve Manager                                                                                                   Mr Samuel Ntsuku: Resort Manager

Koppies Dam Nature Reserve                                                                                                              Koppies Dam Resort

PO Box 151                                                                                                                                               P.O. Box 151

Koppies                                                                                                                                                                          Koppies

9540                                                                                                                                                         9540

Tel:                  056 – 777 2034 / 2033                                                                                               Tel: 056 – 777 0919 / 0927

Fax:                 056 – 777 2034                                                                                                             Fax: 056 – 777 0920 / 086 620 3995

Cell:                 083 523 1444                                                                                                                Cell: 072 409 4076

Email:              lotzer@detea.fs.gov.za                                                                                               Email: ntsukus@detea.fs.gov.za OR


What, where, when?

Hours – Gate:    05h00 – 21h00

Office:                   07h30 – 16h00

GPS COORDINATES: S 27˚ 14’ 58, 4” and S 27˚ 40’ 12.0”

The town of Koppies lies 85 km north of Kroonstad, just off the N1 between Kroonstad and Sasolburg. The nature reserve is 16 km east of the town of Koppies. The roads are well marked with road signs from the N1 highway.