Mec Unblocks Service Delivery Bottlenecks

Dept of economic development February 23, 2017 Comments Off on Mec Unblocks Service Delivery Bottlenecks


People literally swimming in sewerage, sick and unattended elders, undelivered RDP houses, chronic unemployment, abuse of drugs and alcohol ,cattle, pigs, sheep and goats  living among the people are some of the realities the MEC Benny Malakoane came across during the roll out of 104 Day Programme of the Free State Provincial Government.

The aim of this programme is to ensure a multidisciplinary service delivery approach in the Free State. Through this programme every house will be profiled to note issues in every house, every street, every ward and every town to unlock service delivery in the province. A classical government of the people by the people for the people where all spheres of government work directly with the community to attend to the problems encountered by the communities.

Getting down and walking among the people, MEC Malakoane and HOD Matilda Gasela interacted with the community and found out first hand some of the challenges faced by the vulnerable  members of the community. To date, MEC and HOD have visited 10 wards in Mangaung flanked by councillors, community development workers and volunteers where they had to call health workers, Emergency Medical Services as well as social workers and municipal technical service to provide immediate relieve.

Through this programme communities are urged to take responsibility and accountability of providing practical solutions to problems identified. This will be a daily activity where volunteers go door to door collecting information and meet on weekly basis in the “war room” to process information and provide solutions.

Ms. Maria Mosidi Tsoai responding to this programme said, “we are really encouraged to see government coming and listening to us and we believe that this programme is what we have been looking for all this time. We will speak to our community development workers, councillors and the respective officials and demand solutions to our problems”.

“This is not a programme run by the government but it is run by members of the community. Through this we are entering a new social impact with the community to ensure a quick respond to the problems identified. Where we are unable to provide immediate solutions we will be bold and ask for more time”. concludes MEC Dr. Benny Malakoane.

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